About Me!

I am just an ordinary girl living an ordinary life; with the exception of my obsession love for nail polishes!

I love them in all shades and finishes! Brights and nudes! Creams and glitters! Shimmers and mattes!

My collection is much smaller than most nail bloggers out there. The crazy prices of polishes in Malaysia and the super high charges on shipping are the main factor for that *sigh*

But hey!

My stash collection has grown since I recently found many ways and places to get lower than retail polishes as well as many indie polishes. No more paying for over priced OPIs and Essies in Malaysia for me! *evil grin*

On my blog I will show you my collection one polish at a time, or a few at one go. I might have nail art now and then but be warned! I am not an artist. So my nail art will be rather simple and easy for the time being. Hopefully I can get better with time! Oh, and most of my photos will be taken with my iPhone camera since I do not yet own a camera. I should really but my hunt for more polish on halt for a little while after my HUGE order recently :/

Anyways, thanks for stopping by. I do hope you enjoy my blog. Stick around for a bit and do look out for new posts and updates from me.