Saturday, 7 June 2014

Pastel Triangles

Hello! I'm back!

Sorry I've been away for so long :( Life was really wuite hectic. I painted my nails most of the time that I was away; not as much as I did though.

Today I have a tape manicure inspired by the ever wonderful Pshiiit. I spotted this manicure a while ago but haven't came around to do it as tape manicures and I aren't the best of friends. Well, it turned out relatively well.

I say relatively well because I managed to get the basic shapes of the manicure down. Not perfect like Pshiit's obviously. I need to work more on my tape manicures.

There is one thing about tape manicures that I really do not like - my tips would be really thick after I am done with the full manicure; and this manicure was no different. I actually forgot about the polish being thick and still dent-able and went about my business which resulted in a big dinge in more than one nail. So, I did what I could - remove it. after just 30 minutes =.=