Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Lady Bugs!

I've got some ladybugs for you today! or do you call them lady birds?

Regardless what you call them, they are the cutest little insects that I have seen so far! I always liked them since I was young but they move so quickly that it's hard to snap a photo of them.

When I decided that I wanted to do ladybug nails, all I could think of were big ladybug accent nails. but as I slowly looked through google image gallery, I saw this cute manicure by Mich from The Polish Well and thought it would be really fun to replicate. And so I did!

As much as this manicure looks quite complicated, it is actually really easy! All you need are dotting tools and probably a toothpick for the smallest dot for them mini eyes.

Of course you will also need a lot of patience and be extremely careful if not you'll smudge the little eyes like I did D: