Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Pastel Flowers

Spring is in the air!!

I think. We do not have four seasons where I live but recently there has been a lot of flowers blooming around town and it really does seem like spring is here.

So to celebrate the blooming of random trees in the city, I have a floral manicure for you :)

I have always wanted to do a skittlete manicure with roses and stripes and something else in pastel colors but never got around to do it as I was always undecided on what to do for the something else in the manicure. It was not until I saw this post by Sammy aka Nailasaurus did I ever think of using glitter nail polish as my something else.

I am so glad how it turned out but this manicure is also the last time that I use the beige polish (OPI My Vampire is Buff) as this was the last time that I seen that bottle of polish around. I have searched high and low for it but still have not found it. Office, home, car, every bag that I own - nothing! D: I am really tempted to grab a new bottle but I shall wait it out. Maybe in a few months time the bottle of polish will decide to pop out of nowhere!

*fingers crossed*