Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Vintage Roses

Since I did my first floral manicure last month, I just can't get enough of doing flowers on my nails! Of course, it being spring and dozens of floral manicures popping up everywhere doesn't really help. Heh.

This time the overall look of my manicure is more vintage than I usually would do. The colors are a tad muted, like how an old piece of cloth would look faded after many years of wear.

At first I was quite hesitant to do roses because, well, they don't turn out right every time. But I guess, as much as these roses look quite messy, it actually adds to the look :P


Sunday, 27 April 2014

Studded Nails

My collegue recently came back from Hong Kong and from her travels she bought me small vials 'caviar beads'. When I saw it, I was really tempted to do the once super popular caviar nails but seeing how small the vials are (3/4 inch tall) I decided to go simple.

I actually quite like this simple manicure. The pink and gold channeled punk princess to me, which makes wearing pink more fun to me.

When I was finished with this manicure I had only one worry - that the little beads would pop off easily. To my surprise, they lasted 3 days on my nails! I ended up picking them off just for fun.

By the way, do you notice anything different? No? Look closer.

My nails are not only shorter but they are now rounded off! I have decided to take up rock climbing and one of the safety requirements is that you should have short nails. So chop chop and here I am. As much as I am not used to them yet, I am liking them so far :)


Friday, 25 April 2014

Something simple to end the week :)

When you are lazy but still want to paint your nails, this is one of the easiest manicures you can do for yourself! All you need are 2 complementary nail polishes and a striper polish. and 20 minutes later - voila!

Goegeous nails! LOL

I have actually done this technique before but somehow forgotten about it until I saw it on instagram quite a while back. I love how this manicure is really simple and how the little black down the middle helped 'elongate' my short nails :D


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Pastel Flowers

Spring is in the air!!

I think. We do not have four seasons where I live but recently there has been a lot of flowers blooming around town and it really does seem like spring is here.

So to celebrate the blooming of random trees in the city, I have a floral manicure for you :)

I have always wanted to do a skittlete manicure with roses and stripes and something else in pastel colors but never got around to do it as I was always undecided on what to do for the something else in the manicure. It was not until I saw this post by Sammy aka Nailasaurus did I ever think of using glitter nail polish as my something else.

I am so glad how it turned out but this manicure is also the last time that I use the beige polish (OPI My Vampire is Buff) as this was the last time that I seen that bottle of polish around. I have searched high and low for it but still have not found it. Office, home, car, every bag that I own - nothing! D: I am really tempted to grab a new bottle but I shall wait it out. Maybe in a few months time the bottle of polish will decide to pop out of nowhere!

*fingers crossed*


Saturday, 19 April 2014

Green Galaxies

After my last failed stamping attempt, I decide to do something that makes me happy. I have always loved them and when I first attempted them I couldn't get over how easy it is to do them. And here comes the funny part - as easy as they are I actually haven't done them in ages. I am always distracted by other new techniques or styles that I totally forgotten about galaxy nails - till now that is!

How I arrived to this all green manicure was really easy - I haven't been using much of my green nail polishes recently and decided that it just couldn't go on anymore. LOL

Ahh.. The wonderful things you can do with just a sponge and a few colors! So so so much easier than stamping (and watermarbling!)

Gorgeous aren't they!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Red Zebra

I relized that I have not been stamping at all in the past few months (or has it been a year?) so i decided to give it a go for today's manicure. Unfortunately, after doing this manicure I remember why I do not do much stamping - I am quite bad at it!

When I did this manicure, I was inspired by my outfit of that day - a black and white striped skirt and a maroon top. This red-black-white combo is one of my favorite combinations and - according to my mother - much better than my usual all black ensembles.

Back to my horrible stamping - I actually thought I would nail this one as I have done it before quite sucessfully. But alas, luck was not on my side this time and I ended up with what seems like a double print. I tried making the lines darker with a striper but I think I sorta made it worse D:

I know the saying 'practise makes perfect' but for me, the more stamping I do the more sad I get. I have even contemplating getting rid of my stamping plates because I feel so sad looking at them. *sigh*