Saturday, 15 March 2014

Purple Clouds

I finally got myself to try the cloud manicure I saw on Nail Side long long ago. As much as everyone says it is really easy to do I somehow always messed it up. It is either the clouds werr too skinny, uneven, too fat.. you get my drift.

When the nail art challenge I took part in asked for a 'technique that you are not familiar with' I had 2 things in mind - water marbling or clouds. I did a water marble on one nail, 3 times and finally gave up. And for this manicure, I actually did remove a few nails because I was not too happy with it =/

To be honest, I like them but I am also slightly disappointed. My 'clouds' seems to be a more square than round D: But, for a first try, I think I shall give them a pass :P