Thursday, 13 March 2014

Blue Polka Dots

OMG. I am really really slacking with my blogging. I am really sorry about it but life has just taken priority over anything. There has been a big change recently and I have been trying to cope. Please bear with me.

Today, I have more polka dots for you. Yup MORE polka dots!

I have to say that polka dots are my thing. Whenever I am out of ideas I would turn to my dotting tools. And of the many times I do, I end up with these basic little dots. Though these are a little different considering that my dots are usually way bigger. I guess small dots looks nice too once in a while.

I used one of my oldest polishes in this manicure! The blue polish - OPI No Room for the Blues is one of my very first OPI nail polish purchases way back when! I am surprised that it still applies really nicely after 3 years! So ladies, NEVER believe the label when it says nail polish spoils after 24 months. If you really want to get rid of them - please please send them my way. LOL!

xoxo Louanne