Saturday, 8 February 2014

First of, Last of...

This manicure was part of a nail art challenge on instagram that I took part in back in January but never gotten around posting those manicures here. The challenge for this manicure was to create something using the first nail polish purchase of 2014 and last nail polish purchase of 2013.

I haven't been making many purchases in the last few months actually. I did do 2 polish hauls from 2 seperate indie polish makers in November last year but unfortunately only one arrived. I tried contacting the seller regarding the lost package but they didn't seem to want to reply my emails. Meh. Since then they have had more releases but I am too scared to place another order. Don't want another $75 down the drain!

Well that sad story aside, both these polishes in this post were bought online. Relatively locally and both this sellers did give me awesome service. My last purchase of 2013 was OPI This Gown Needs A Crown and my first purchase of 2014 was Cirque Lonesome George.

This Gown Needs a Crown is a matte silver foil from OPI's Miss Universe 2013 collection. I don't own many silver polishes but I do like this one very much! It is a satin finish polish but looking at the photos you wouldn't know really. Somehow they look quite shiny in the photos. LOL!

Lonesome George on the other hand is a gorgwous emerald green holographic polish. My very first green holo polish :D The formula on this was perfect! All I needed were 2 this coats to achieve the opacity in the photos. The holo in this polish was really strong too! Notice how there is a hint of rainbow in every photo I take?

But of course I had to include a blurry shot in this post :P

xoxo Louanne