Saturday, 21 December 2013

The 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge: Day Five - Inspired by a Christmas Carol

It's another day of the 12 Day Christmas Nail Art Chanllenge! Today my manicure is inspired by a Christmas Carol. I bet you can guess which carol I picked!

There are so many carols around but somehow this carol stuck with me. I found this really cute version on youtube of Bing Crosby & Ella Fitzgerald. I honestly have never heard anyone else sing this way!

I chose to do polka dots on the rest of my nails because I was really lost for ideas. I was so tempted to do a gradient on naked nails again but thought that you probably are sick of my naked nails.

I created my little Rudolph by following this tutorial by MissJenFabulous. I like how she makes things much eaiser than they seem!

I actually loved my little Rudolph very much and wore it for more than just 2 days. Which means I was late for the next day. Ahh.. Cute nails just make me happy!

xoxo Louanne