Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge: Day Three - Christmas Candy

All I could think about when it comes to Christmas candy was Candy Canes. Red and green Candy Canes in fact. Are there any other kinds of Christmas Candy around? If there is - Y I NO KNOW THEM? 

Lol. Back to the nails.

I was thinking between free handing the stripes or using tape to create the lines of my Candy Canes and I finally picked striping tape because I thought that it would be easier since I wanted to do 2 colors. Once I had my tape on I thought I was going to be a cheat and just end it there 'cause it looked so gorgeous already.

Unfortunately the tape I picked was not red. Boo hoo.

I then proceeded to fill up the gaps with nail polish. Red and green polishes to be exact! This were how they came out.

I would say this is one of my most successful tape manicures if not for the slight bleeding of colors! But honestly, at arms length the bleeding wasn't very obvious. I only really saw the bleeding when I was editing the photos on my computer :S

I think my take on Candy Cane nails this year is a better try than last years Candy Canes. Or rather a more daring attempt with two colors on one nail! Maybe next year I may attempt them again. With tape. Like this. :P

xoxo Louanne