Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge: Day One - Christmas Tree

I'm so sorry I have been away for so long! Work has been really hectic and the fact that a more inferior system has been introduced doens't help much. I have been sleeping as soon as I get back after dinner till the next morning - way more than my usual 6 hours before this!

As much as I would love that December to be a quiet month I am quite sure that it would be as busy as the last month. So, to motivate me to paint my nails I have decided to take part in a Christmas Nail Art Challenge hosted by Jessie from Nailed it NZ.

I will post the nail art I have done probably a few days later than I post on instagram. So if you want to see them earlier I would recommend that you follow me on Instagram.

First up - Christmas Trees!

This is a perfect chance for me to try out a dotty Christmas tree since I saw it last year! I used Glitter Gal White Sparkle as a base and dotted a triangle with some greens I had.

I thought it came out pretty good if you ask me. I wanted to do something more than just glitter gradients on my other nails but somehow nothing felt right. I even took some photos with just naked nails and thought that looked nice. 

Heh. Of course I didn't just leave it that way. I do love this simple manicure. And White Sparkle is just gorgeous! Even though there isn't much exposed the rainbows still shine through :D Just look below. 


xoxo Louanne