Monday, 9 December 2013

Girly Bits: Gift Certificates On Sale!

Gift Certificates are On Sale

Receive a 25% bonus from NOW until December 20th!

Between now and 12noon EST December 20th, receive a 25% bonus when you purchase a Girly Bits Gift Certificate.
$25 for $20
$40 for $32
$50 for $40
$60 for $48
$75 for $60
$100 for $80
$125 for $100
How do I purchase a Gift Certificate with a 25% bonus you ask? Let us tell you!
  • Go to our newly created Gift Certificate listing
  • Fill in all of the required information
  • Add the Gift Certificate to your cart and proceed to the checkout
  • Use your shipping and billing information (Do not change any of the information to that of the recipient. Recipient information will be taken from what you input into the listing.) You will receive a "shipping confirmation" when the gift certificate has been sent to the recipient.
  • Select the the least expensive shipping cost and the use the coupon code GCPROMO upon checkout to deduct the shipping charges
Your recipient will receive their Gift Certificate by 3:00pm EST the next business day (at the latest).

Some things to remember:
  • Gift Certificates must be purchased separately from other products (lacquer, glitter, franken supplies, etc.) while this promo is running. If there are other products in an order, in addition to Gift Certificates, your order may be cancelled and refunded
  • Our previous Gift Certificate page is still active but please do not use it during the promo period. You will not receive the additional 25% by purchasing a Gift Certificate on that page.
Thank you for your continued support!
Happy Shopping!