Friday, 8 November 2013

Totally Tubular + Hot Springs

I had a comemnt on how this polish reminds one of my readers of Scully from Monsters Inc So I thought the most fun thing to do is to emphasize the hidden pinks in this manicure.

I only have two go-to nail art techniques I am really comfortable doing - stripes and dots. I picked stripes this time. Just because.

I free handed this manicure with ulta3 Hot Springs. It wasn't too hard to get decent lines, but they somehow came out a little on the thick side. I probably was hesitating too much on them.

Actually, I shall be honest here - I picked stripes because I misplaced my dotting tool and was too lazy to go hunting for it then. I am happy to report that I have since found it under my striping tapes none-the-less.

And finally - a monster worthy claw to end this all!

xoxo Louanne