Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Online shopping at it's best with Ebates

As most of you know already, I do not live in the US but I loooove shopping online from the US. So far I have been doing quite well, saving up and resisting any impulse purchases.

But when I actually do shop on online US retailers, I will always do one thing - check Ebates. Always. If you have not heard of Ebates already, let me tell you that they are awesome. Well, Ebates is the pioneer and leader of online Cash Back Shopping. Yep, you read it right Online Cash Back Shopping.

For me online shopping in the US is affected by quite a few reasons.
1. Dollar to Ringgit exchange rates, which by the way are at a high right now! 
2. Shipping time - it takes anything from 7days to 3weeks if I am really unlucky
3. Discounts! I am a total cheapskate. I usually only buy things on discount only. I don't know about you but paying retail isn't really my thing :P

When all these things are in my favor in comes Ebates to make my purchases even more awesome!

When I make a purchase online with Ebates, I can get anything from 2% to 6% cash back from selected retailers! And if you are not in a hurry to grab stuff from those retailers, you can hold out till they have their double cash back offers, think 4-12% cash back on top of discounts. 

Where does all the money go to you ask? Well, after you have made your purchases, Ebates would calculate your cash back portion and credit it to your account where it will be kept and paid out four times a year. Honestly, with all the e-tailers on their list, I am sure I would be getting a whole lot of cash back f I live in the US with my constant online shopping! But nonetheless, even when I am 3000miles away, I am grateful that I can still get cash back when I shop from the US thanks to Ebates! Remember how I said I have not bought much so far, well I dare not guarantee on how things will be like come Cyber Monday!

Owh right! Before I forget - aside from giving you Online Cash Back Shopping to over 1600 online retailers, Ebates also provides you with discount codes when you access the different profiles of the retailers. That's how I do not pay retail prices most of the time! With the discount codes all in one place, I no longer have to google and try a bunch of codes before finding one that actually works. How awesome is that!

Well, I know this has been a lenghty post. But I thought it would be good to share this considering how it is the last quarter of the year and Christmas not too far away. If you are interested, just click on this link and it will lead you to the Ebates website where you can sign up for free. And once you are in have fun shopping and getting cash backs from the ever awesome Ebates!

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