Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Look ma! My tips are sewn on!

It's October! Time really flies when you aren't paying much attention to it!

Well, as October rolls in, the internet is full of 2 things - pumpkins and Halloween stuff! I am a huge fan of pumpkins, not so much for Halloween though. I live in a country where there is no four seasons and (almost) no celebrations for Halloween. Or maybe they do. Just not in a big scale like how you guys do it in America.

Even though I do not celebrate Halloween in any way, I thought it would be fun to do a few Halloween-ny nails just for fun. First up - Franken-french manicures!


I am usually not a fan of french manicures but I thought that these looked so cute! I actually took inspiration from this design by Jenny a.k.a MissJenFabulous from Polish and Pearls.

Of course I had to have an accent nail! So what I did was to draw a little angry monster of Frankenstein on my ring finger. All I used was a dotting tool and a nail art pen from Barry M (which is fab-you-lous!).

I did realize something though.. My little monster looks more than the Hulk rather than the monster of Frankenstein. I probably should've added some scars to it.. Owh wells..

And even though they look really cute, these were supposed to be monster nails, so here's my claw!


And on a side note, even my boyfriend tends to not give much attention to my nails thought these were interesting. He even flipped it around and said that the little monster looks like a bald bearded man. Well, I say zombie since it has green skin. LOL