Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Cult Nails Blackout

Sorry for being so absent these few weeks! Work has been really really tough and I come home mentally and physically drain at the end of the day. I am actually wearing the same polish for the past 2 weeks! *the horror* But! I shall not complain (too much)! To have a job and have things to do is a good thing!

Over the weekend, I decided to wear something that reflects what I am feeling - dark, drained, tired. I was thinking to probably use black and add to it. As I was looking for my black polish, I spotted this bottle of dark grey almost black polish right next to it. Then it hit me - I have not used this polish before!

This is, as the title suggest, is Blackout my Cult Nails. It is a gorgeous dark grey creme that changes with the light! At first application I thought this polish was really dark, too dark in fact. But as I wore it throughout the day I fell in love with it!

The color changes so much with the light! At times it looks black, and other times grey. But if you are lucky, you can see it turn blue or even slightly greenish!

And the part I love the most - good to go in 2 quick coats! it dried really quick and very shiny too! The photos are withOUT top coat mind you!