Monday, 28 October 2013

Cirque XX

I thought my holo pink manicure needed a little bling since it was somewhat neutral looking against my skin. I looked through my drawers of polish and found the gorgeous Cirque XX sitting there still untouch. The horror!!

This glitter topper by Cirque is definitely a stunner! It is a rainbow confetti made with over 20 different types of holographic glitter *20! Gasps!* In the bottle it is really very pastel. Having most of the colors being pinks and purples. But once on my nails, XX seems to lean more towards blue and green!

The combination of these two polishes is definitely super duper blingy. I had a colleague or two suddenly stop me to look at my fingers while passing by me in the corridors! Definite win!

XOXO Louanne