Friday, 18 October 2013

Beach Getaway Manicure!

The final step to my beach holiday manicure is finally here!!

Since I was going an a beach holiday I thought to do a mini beach on my tips! I first did a gradient with a light blue for the skies and the beige as the sand.

A crab, a starfish and a seashell was the first thing that came to mind so I did all 3 of those on my middle finger and pinky. And after I then added a coconut tree on my pointer. 

I managed to draw all but the coconut tree with just a dotting tool! Best buy ever! The coconut tree was done with the striping brush from my Born Pretty Brush Set.

After all that I topped it all with a coat of Seche Vite. Unfortunately I was kinda impatient with my top coat and smudged my little crab :(

You know the best part of this manicure (aside from the cuteness of course) - it stayed on for 5 days even after I went into the ocean multiple times! At the end of it all, I only had tip wear :) Super awesome!