Thursday, 10 October 2013

A Quick and Dirty Comparison :)

Well, since I do not have OPI First Date at the Golden Gate I decided it would be a fun chance to do a quick comparison while I pick a color to repaint my nails with.

I grabbed 2 polishes i thought would be good replacements for First Date at the Golden Gate but somehow they just did not go well with the DS Bold I had on. My picks: Color Club Charity Ball and OPI Skyfall. Here you go!


I have Charity Ball on my pointer followed by Skyfall, DS Bold and finally First Date at the Golden Gate. As you can see, the colors I picked were way off from what  First Date at the Golden Gate is. Charity Ball was too brown and Skyfall too purple.

(with flash)

I took a photo with flash just for fun and was surprised at how different the colors look! It seems that my camera adds a whole lot of red to the photo. It actually makes me like First Date at the Golden Gate even more :S

The more I looked at these polishes together the more I love the original combnation. *sigh* The other two polishes just did not seem right to me. Since I do not have  First Date at the Golden Gate or anything similar, I decided to take a whole different approach to this mani. 

Want to know what I did? Stay tuned! All will be revealed really soon :P