Sunday, 8 September 2013

[PR] ILNP: The Ultra Chromes Are In Stock Right Now! Get 'Em!


The ILNP Ultra Chromes are in stock and ready to ship now!

The day has arrived! Thank you all for being so patient and waiting this out with me. Pre-order customers, your goodies will start shipping today so keep an eye on your mailboxes!

Everyone else, you can scoop up your favorite Ultra Chromes right now! I have quite a bit in stock but they will go fast so don't wait too long to make a move. If you really want them, now's the time!

Click here to order your Ultra Chromes!

Of course, I had to refresh your memories with some beautiful swatch pics!

Swatches above by XOXO Alexis Leigh. Click here to visit her blog for her full review and more swatches!

Swatches above by Very Emily. Click here to visit her blog for her full review and even more swatches!
If you're heading over to the site now, you may see a new queue in place. This is to prevent the site from slowing to a crawl and crashing under the heavy load.

The new queue is pretty neat and will automatically save your place the moment you hit the site. No one will be able to "cut" in line. Best of all, we can notify you via SMS the moment your spot is open!  No more sitting and waiting!

I hope you fall in love with your Ultra Chromes... actually, I know you will :)

Like always, if you ever have any issues with your order please contact me and I'll do my best to help! Thank you again for all of your support, it means a lot to me.

-Barbra :)