Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Etude House Coco Black aka PBK 803

When I put on OPI That's Hot Pink I knew immediately that I wanted to layer Etude House Coco Black over it!

Coco Black is a gorgeous glitter polish with black, white AND metallic pink glitters in it! Application was so so when you use it like a regular polish. The dabbing method is definitely better as the suspension base of this polish isn't as thick as those indie polishes out there!

The glitter combination really is quite indie-like and honestly way more affordable for me! If I remember correctly it was RM15.90 before discounts. Which is way cheaper than buying indie polishes which comes out to RM30-45 depending where I get them from. And I do not have to worry about packages getting lost in the mail too!

I did one (and a half) coats dabbed and no top coat! It dried really quickly and stayed put for more than 5 days with minimal tip wear! The only reason why I remved it was to get my nails done 'professionally'. Which turned out to be quite dissapointing actually D: An experience which I shall write in a different post of course.