Monday, 2 September 2013

Born Pretty 15 Piece Brush Set

I recently purchased a 15 piece nail art brush set from Born Pretty Store.

Before this I only had one clean up brush and a set of dotting tools and thought it was high time for me to get a few more! When I saw this set from Born Pretty Store I knew I had to get it! And at $5.96 it is definitely a steal!

The fifteen brushes include the following:
1. Fan Brush
2. Dotting Tool
3. Medium Striper
4. Small Angled Brush
5. Medium Angled Brush
6. Flat Brush
7. Angled Detail Brush
8. Small Flat Brush (good for clean up!)
9. Small Detail Brush
10. Short Striper Brush
11. Angled Brush
12. Medium Flat Brush
13. Long Striper Brush
14. Detail Brush
15. Small Fan Brush

*phew* That is sure a long list to type out!

So far I have used the fan brush (1), dotting tool (2), detail brush (14) and I do have a few manicures to show you in time to come :)