Saturday, 6 July 2013

I promise this is the last one!

So, after the glitter gradient I got bored and thought of adding some more nail art to my blue manicure. I used 2 polishes to amp up the last look - Cult Nails Faded and a random holo glitter polish I had lying about. I wanted to do striped nails and top it off with the holo glitter but then got lazy and just decided to do dots.

I think I may have picked the wrong polish for the dots. Faded, a gorgeous grey, came out a tad too light on the blue as compared to Dance All Night.

So, instead of totally covering up the dots, I decided to just leave the holo polish on my pinky. That too turn out really light :( I felt kinda sad at this point so i thought to just try out the Wax That wax top coat by Cult Nails and suddenly this manicure doesn't seem so bad after all :D

All better!