Wednesday, 3 July 2013

How I saved my manicure :)

I think I have not mentioned this before but I am out of base coat. Out like one bottle has dried up and become super tacky and the other totally empty. So my go to base coat for the pass few weeks has been PVA glue. Which, in a way, is awesome when it comes to removing nail polish.

What I have today is a spoilt manicure because the PVA base worked too good. Just after a day of wear (washing/cleaning/laundry/work) the polish on my pointer started to peel, both from the tip and the cuticle. By the end of the day, half my nail had no more nail polish on it.

I was not ready to take Nakizzie's Shizzle off so I thought long and hard and finally decided to hide it with a glitter gradient. And what polish better to use than Cult Nails Dance All NightDance All Night is a  glitter bomb filled with multi sized blue and green glitter intermixed with a color shifting micro glitter that goes from gold to orange. The winner for me was the micro glitter in this. It stayed mostly bronze on me and added a lot more interest to the overall look.

Application was easy and no fishing was required. It was so densely packed that I actually wiped off some glitter from the brush before dabbing it on my nails!