Thursday, 11 July 2013

Cult Nails Walk of Shame

Hello! I am typing this in Netherlands at 5am local time because I can't sleep anymore than the 6 hours I had already :S

Anyways, to continue from before, I have another polish from Cult Nails. This time another glitter topper from the Dance All Night Collection. This is Walk of Shame a glitter polish packed with multi sized gold glitter and a good dash of micro sized holographic glitter. Of course I paired it with Love at 1st Sight. It just sounds funny (and also the fact that this is how they were paired by Maria too!).

As like Dance All Night, Walk of Shame  is very densely packed. And since I did a reverse glitter gradient I thought I should do a glitter gradient from my tips just cause. Boy was I amazed at the shininess of the glitters in this polish!

I should stop here and go get a little more sleep before everyone wakes up! Talk to you wonderful gals later!