Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A England - Lady of the Lake

A England, a brand I am sure is quite familiar to many of your ladies out there. Their formulas are known to be wonderful and holo polishes drool worthy. Well, I can tell you that I can't agree more!

This is Lady of the Lake from their Mysticals collection. It is a dusty purple polish with somewhat scattered -linear holo. Makes sense?

It did live up to it's flawless application (1.5 coats in the photos here) and dried to a glossy finish! I did use Cult Nails Wicked Fast top coat just because but I read on another blog that it can last up to 4 days WITHOUT top coat and still have no chips.

At first I thought that the holo in this polish would not show up much. Boy was I wrong! This polish was literally glowing off my fingers even indoors!

And the best part - even my not so awesome camera could get a photo with the rainbows in it :)