Saturday, 29 June 2013

Model's Own Nail Wrap a.k.a Holiday Nails!

I'm off on a 3 week break (I am working on scheduling some posts but I don't think I can write so many in so little time!) and I wondered what was the best way to dress my nails aside from just painting them and it hit me - nail wraps! I had a few from Model's Own and those that I received from beauty box subscriptions and after staring at them for a bit I decided to use Roses from Model's Own.

I am sure you have guessed by now that I would have roses on my nails from the name of my nail wraps set. They were nice bright roses in pink, orange and purple on a white base - and honestly, I was just about to paint my nails with a similar color scheme if I had not remembered these lovelies.

Application was, well, a little tricky. My nails were small compared to the nail wraps - less than half a strip I believe. No, the length was not the problem. It was the width that cause me some trouble. You see, my nails are short and small (just like me :P) and even the smallest of the strips was just a tad big for my pinky. But I managed :) I maneuvered the strips so that they are centered nicely with maybe the sides of my nails are exposed. Unfortunately still some of the strips are a tad big and created little bumps on my nails. I topped it off with lots of top coats and then notices something - some parts of the nail wraps are bunching up and being all wrinkly. Owh well, life goes on right?

After all the work of putting on nail wraps on 8 nails, I thought that an all rose manicure may be a little too much. So off I went to grab Skin Food Pedicure Sparkle in Gold, one of my favorite go-to gold polish, and painted my ring finger.

All the bumps and bubbles aside I think this pattern made for a really cute nail wrap, even if all I could get was 2 and a half roses per finger. The woes of short, small nails. On the plus side, since I only use half a strip for each nail, I actually can do double the manicures with this!

Now, all I need to do is keep my fingers crossed and hope that this stays on for the next 20 days!