Friday, 7 June 2013

I am back!

I have been away for almost 2 weeks! :O

At first it was because of the heavy workload pulling me down, making me crash and sleep as soon as I got back. But late last week it was different.

I caught a 'cold' and came down with fever on Thursday last week. I still braved the fever and went to work on Friday. Come Friday night all I could think of was sleep and nothing else. No, I did not go to the doctors yet at this point of time.

Saturday, after a whole night of rest, my fever got worse instead of better. I just stayed in bed the whole day. By now I was coughing alot and had very bad body aches. My throat was in such a bad condition that I couldn't eat anything. Even drinking water was a torturous process. Funnily, everyone was busy this Saturday and no one was free to bring me to the doctors. Gah!

Finally at 8pm my boyfriend could come over and bring me to the clinic. But hey! half the clinics around my area was already closed! I never knew, I always thought they were open pass 9pm. We went driving around looking for a 24 hour clinic and boy was I glad that the clinic was empty!

The doctor took my temperature and my blood pressure. Listened to me chest and asked a tons of questions. It seems that I had all the symptoms of Dengue fever. As well as a blood pressure of 70/40! The doctor did a few more checks and sent me home with some meds (in place of a jab! *phew*) and told me to rest lots and drink tons of water.

Right now I am feeling very much better except for maybe a few fainting spells due to my low blood pressure. I see a rash starting to form on my skin. This is not good if a fever comes on again. I think I need to run a blood test soon.

In the meantime, I am going to try to post a few things really soon. Maybe not as frequent as before (read: work) but I definitely will be back!

Thank you for still being with me after this absence! I definitely have a giveaway in store for my lovely readers. See you in a bit :)