Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Cosmobox May 2013

I did not realize I have not posted about this box until I received my June box. It is slowly becoming a habit :S I think my June box is my last box from my last subscription plan. I do intend to renew, as soon as I get back from my holidays. But, let's see how the June box turns out.

On to the goodies!

Hair care, body care, nail care and discount vouchers to a new (to me) online shop! I can tell you now that I have already placed an order with them. I'll show you what I got soon :)

First up, sunscreen!

SUN OFF A BEACH | Sensitive Skin Sunblock SPF 50 (100ml/RM35.80)
The all-new Sun Off A Beach is providing broad spectrum protection against UVA & UVB using non greasy formulation and fragrance free leaving skin protected and moisturized with light shea butter and cucumber extracts that contains Vitamin A and cooling Vitamin E.

This little guy came just in time! It is nice and small and with the carabiner, it is super easy to carry along in your bag while travelling. The formula is quite light for a sunscreen, just a tad sticky compared to regular moisturizers I think. There is a faint sunscreen smell to it, nothing too strong that you think Banana Boat.

THE NAIL SHOP | Nail Wrap (RM39.90 per pack)
These nail stickers can be worn over natural or artificial nails and are removed easily by peeling off. Adheres to fingernails and toenails. 

I am going on a trip soon and think I should try a nail wrap ASAP and I think this may be my first choice! It's bright enough to stand out but yet neutral enough to go with most outfits. I did read somewhere that peeling off hurts your nails really bad. So anyone out there , if you do use nail wraps, maybe try a little nail polish remover/acetone to remove it before yanking it off your nails.

b.liv by cellinique | Sheer Off Crease (1pc/RM6.90)
This mask whisks off the age buster, whips up your collagen and puts a plug on your fine lines - by it's Botox-like action.

More masks! I sooooo need to catch up with using them but... le sigh.. I always fall asleep when I do put them on and almost always find them on the bed when I wake up. I don't think they stay on my face for more than 5mins. I think next time I shall try them on while using the internet.

L'OREAL PROFESSIONNEL | LissUltime Shampoo (500ml/RM79.00)
Moisturises and smoothes frizzy, uncontrollable hair. Restores softness, controls frizz and provides nutririon to unmanageable, rebellious hair with an incredible detangling action.

Hello life saver! My hair, though fairly manageable most times, can be a pain when it has it's little bouts of dryness. This little shampoo helped keep it in order and it's scent is awesome to boot!

ALQVIMIA | Body Sculptor Oil (30ml/RM98.00)
This body oil shapes the figure ina natural and effective way, preventing excess weight and liquid retention through it's draining action, activationa micro circulation, while toning the skin.

Oopsie, no photo of his product. Anywyas, it is the small bottle in the little pouch up front. I have not used this but I can see it come in handy in the coming months when I get ready for my beach trip. I need to start with the sit ups and squats ASAP to get my beach-bod (how I wish!) ready!

And look what else came in the box:

Another Dr Fuch's Secrets eye mask! I think I have 3 sets already. It must be really good for them to keep putting them into the boxes.

Oh, notice the missing curator's note/product description card? Well, on the front of the note there was a coupon to with a buy one get one cupcake free from Cupcake Chic. Being a lover of desserts, I redeemed my cupcake waaaaaay before I thought to take photos of my box. I didn't get to eat them though. I left them on the kitchen counter and they were gone before I knew it D:

Overall I am still quite impressed with Cosmobox and their monthly boxes. Though it may seem like there are very few products in the box the value of the items definitely covers the amount I paid for the box.

I just checked and my subscription only expires in November! YAY!