Monday, 24 June 2013

365 DOC - Frolicking Updated!

Happy Monday everyone!

OK, not so happy where I am because the haze is getting really bad. If you did not know, Malaysia and Singapore is covered in haze from open burning of the forest in Indonesia. In some places in Malaysia the API went up to as high as 748! (with API 500 as being hazardous). Vision was cut down really bad but it was also really.. er.. funny in a way. Imagine looking at the same view you do everyday and having buildings missing. I know. It is bad. Really bad. Let's hope the cloud seeding by the government in the next few days help clear up the skies. I miss the blue skies!

OK. Ranting done. Lets move on to my manicure. Remember I told you that I was going to jazz up my manicure? Well, this is what I did!

I did an awesome tape manicure! Awesome because all the lines came out perfectly! No smudges and no visible tugging! and all at my first go too :)

I used China Glaze Sugar High for my triangles. It was the only darker pink that I own. I am definitely not a pink person. One funny thing behind this manicure, initially, I wanted to do quirky lines on my nails so I just randomly placed the tape on without knowing what it is going to look like. I only knew what it was AFTER I painted a nice thick coat of Sugar High on did I know that I created triangles!

AND the tape peeled of so perfectly too! Talk about good luck :)

I am really proud of myself with this mani! Although my pink doesn't really match the glitters in the polish I think it still turned out quite well. What do you think? Do you prefer this look better or the previous look?