Thursday, 20 June 2013

365 Days of Color - Frolicking

I got awesome indie polish for you today! It's from one of my favorite indie polish makers - Sunny from 365 Days of Color.

This is Frolicking from Sunny's La Boheme Spring Collection. It is a light teal cream is packed with small tan and brown squares, larger holographic pink squares, round magenta glitters with a dash of pink and copper shimmer in it! Phew, that was a mouthful to say!


Frolicking is gorgeous! I love it from the very second I saw it when Sunny showed previews on her instagram feed. I do not usually buy anything with pink in it but when I saw Frolicking I knew I had to get it!

I did not want to use this beauty too fast too soon so I paired Frolicking with OPI I Theodora You a light pink from the OPI Oz the Great and Powerful collection. It has somewhat of a jelly-like finish. Not too sheer but requires 3 coats to acheive the opacity in the photos here.

I just love this combination. It's flirty and sweet at the same time! My only qualm is that the pink that I chose is a tad too light compared to the glitter in the polish. :(

What do you tihnk?