Thursday, 16 May 2013

Cult Nails - Disciplined

I thought that I should get a head start on some unused Cult Nails polishes while I am waiting on my newest order to arrive!

This is Disciplined from the Behind Closed Doors collection that came out late last year! It is a soft creamy grey packed with soft, somewhat color shifting shimmer. It seems kind of sheer at one coat but it can be opaque easily at just 3 coats.

The shimmer in Disciplined looked really familiar to me when I first saw it. It took me a while but I finally figured it out! The shimmer in Disciplined is similar to Charlatan from their top coat series!

Actually, I am only  wearing 2 coats in these photos as my bottle of Disciplined came a little on the thick side. I am very sure that it is no fault of the polish itself. Well, you see, this is what I saw when I opened my bottle of Disciplined.

I got a leaky bottle.

Well,I am glad I store my Cult Nails polishes upside down. If not I am sure that it would have dried out even more!

And finally a shot with flash to show off the shimmer in this polish!