Friday, 17 May 2013

Bubbles I love you not!

I received an OPI nail polish as a gift the other day. It was from a friend who knew I liked nail polish but did not know how many I really have. I was soo happy to get an OPI for a gift, and for it to be a polish I do not own yet was just priceless!

The polish in question is OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy from the OPI Soft Shades collection

Coney Island Cotton Candy is a great nude peach shade. It is quite sheer but definitely gives your digits a nice healthy color. It is most suitable for work if you ask me.

I decided to pair my new polish with an oldie that I had - Malaysian Mist I found that the two colors were very alike and decided to do some monochromatic nail art with them. I busted out my striping tape and dotting tool and went to town. And after all my hard work I topped it off with a new top coat I purchases the week earlier - essence Gel Look Top Coat.


And, if you have not already noticed it in the previous photos - BUBBLES!! Lots and lots of bubbles! D:

It only happened on the fingers which I used striping tape though. I think there was a funky reaction with the topcoat and the glue residue from the tape. =/

I really kinda like this look. I may re-do it as soon as I get a new bottle of Seche Vite or maybe my Cult Nail Wicked Fast topcoat will come in the mail soon!

P/S Just in case anyone was wondering, the dots on my ring finger was created by adding some white polish (OPI Alpine Snow) to Coney Island Cotton Candy