Wednesday, 15 May 2013

April Cosmobox

Remember I mentioned that I only wanted to keep maybe one or two beauty box subscriptions? 

Well, this is one of the 2 that I chose. Unfortunately the other box I chose (modbox) is undergoing a facelift and have temporarily stopped shipping out boxes. I believe they will be back in June. *fingers crossed*

So back to this months box. Instead of the regular pink and black sleeve it came in this gorgeous sleeve featuring a Plasterdoll on the top! This box is the first of their Limited Edition boxes. On this box, we have Miss Summer, animated by Jessica Wong, with her trademark plaster on her forehead and using products from this month's Cosmobox.

Pretty right? Below is a short introduction to Plasterdoll on the back of the sleeve.

On to the products!

Looks good huh!

First up - hairspray.

L'oreal Professional | Infinum Hairspray (300ml/RM40)
L'oreal Professional Mademoisells Infinum Hairspray by Charlie Le Mindu
Extra strong hold professional hairspray. Patented formula for finishing a hairstyle. Extra strong, instant fixing of a section or long-lasting overall hold. Optimal shine. Anti humidity action. No residue.

I am not a person who uses hairspray. At.All. This hairspray was created by Charlie Le Mindu, hairstylist to the infamous Lady Gaga. And judging from all the crazy hairstyles Lady Gaga has shown us, I am sure this product will work good.

Benefit | Benetint Rose-Tinted Lip and Cheek Stain (12.5ml/RM125)
The original liquid stain that gives a sweet hint of color to cheeks and kiss-proof color to lips that lasts beyond lipstick. It's the sexiest flush you can get from a bottle.

Benetint - one of the most talked about beauty product when it came out! I have been eyeing it since it was released but have never got it because I don't wear make-up enough to justify this purchase. Now that I have it I shall have rosy cheeks everyday :D

They're Real mascara although not part of the box was actually redeem using the curators note. YAY for free mascara!

The Nail Shop | Nail Tips (1 set/RM29.90)
Pre-Designed Nail Tips perfect for instant nail decoration. Cut or file the edges for a suitable fit. Apply using nail glue (not provided) or bring them to The Nail Shop for professional application. Service charges apply.

I was excited when I say that there was nail products in this box. But when I got my box I was kinda disappointed. I got the French Manicure set. I am not a big fan of French Manicures but wanted to give it a go at least. But hey - there was no nail glue (they did mention this on the description card) and the tips were a little too big for me :S Well, off to the swap/giveaway drawer it is!

Murad | Age Reform Refreshing Cleanser (200ml/RM148)
Murad's Refreshing Cleanser removes oil, dirt and surface impurities on contact. Gentle enough for everyday use, this non-drying, foaming cleanser is lightweight and ideal for removing makeup.

SOTHYS | Hydra Bourishing Body Lotion (200ml/RM229)
An ever sheer and soft body care for all skin types with the extra nourishment and hydration. Global breakthrough formulation with almond seed extract, white lupine extract and plant complex to fulfill the desires of women of all ages to preserve the tines and youth in their skin.

I have heard this brand a lot but have never ventured into their shops and spas. I have read good comments on this product. Hopefully I love it as much too :)

Cosmobox | Velcro Hair Grip
This simple and convenient velcro hair grip helps keep your fringe away from your face when you put on your make up or clean your face.

LOVE this! I use it to keep my hair out of the way when painting my nails! No more hair in my nails for me. Haha. And it does not cause a crease in my hair like pins and clips do.

DR. FUCHS SECRETS® | The Emergency Eyepads (2pads/RM30)
The Midnight Secrets EyePads is for insufficient sleep which reduces the natural detoxification phase of the skin during our sleep. The result - swelling and sagging skin. Through the combination of these three main active ingredients Syn-Ake®, Vitamin B3 and Caffeine, the detoxification phase of the skin is accelerated. You can now wake up looking fresh after a short night – just as if you'd enjoyed an 8-hour beauty sleep.
The Emergency EyePads complement this optimal care regime and works against puffiness around the eyes, especially the tendency to have 'eye bags'.
I think I received these before in another box. Haven't used them still. Anyone wants a free eye mask?


I am loving this last months Cosmobox. No regret resubscribing here :D

I believe they are having a Mother's Day special box for May. Hurry on by Cosmobox if you wanna grab one for yourself!