Friday, 12 April 2013

Press Release: Girly Bits Cosmetics "Spring It On Me!"

Feast your eyes on some really cute eye candy from the new Girly Bits Spring collection!! Although there are  only 5 polishes, they are all so different but yet go together so well! There is a glitter topper, a crelly glitter, a holo, a shimmer topper and a creme/jelly. Talk about having a good variety!




Announcing "Spring It On Me!", the latest collection available from Girly Bits Cosmetics. 
A Collection of five spring themed lacquers.
From left to right:
  • Spring It On Me! ~ a lightly tinted, lavender leaning milky base, with pink, pink holo, green, white, silver, and purple holo glitters. It's meant to be layered, and looks best over light pastel colours, or white or grey.
  • Going Bananas ~ a yellow crelly with multiple shades of green, chartreuse, pink, lavender, purple, fuchsia, and a hint of aqua shimmer.
  • Bachelor's Button ~ a cornflower/periwinkle blue holo.
    This beauty is SO hard to photograph.
  • Emerald City Lights ~ a shimmer top coat. A nod to the love of the Columbian Emerald and it's deep green and the subtle blueish glow from within. Energizing and calming all at the same time.
  • Emerald City ~ a creme/jelly that gets full coverage in three coats.
Swatches (2 coats unless otherwise noted)
From left to right:
  • Going Bananas
  • Spring It On Me!
  • Bachelor's Button
  • Emerald City Lights (three coats)
  • Emerald City (three coats)
Where to find "Spring It On Me!":

Spring It On Me! will be available Saturday, April 13th, 2013 at Girly Bits store.   Retail pricing on Girly Bits is as follows:
  • Going Bananas ~ $10.00
  • Spring It On Me ~ $10.00
  • Bachelor's Button ~ $10.00
  • Emerald City ~ $10.00
  • Emerald City Lights ~ $11.50
  • Spring It On Me! (Bundle of All 5) ~ $50.00
  • Emerald City Duo (Bundle of 2 - Emerald City & Emerald City Lights) ~ $18.50

Please check with our  Authorized Distributors for release dates and pricing.


I really am loving them especially Spring It On Me! I am still on my low buy and I have been good. So far I have only picked up 4 polishes for RM3 each (~USD0.99) and 3 polishes for RM31 (~USD10). Not too bad huh!