Friday, 12 April 2013

Oh My Stains!

When I went and I've got smurf hands right now!! Who knew just glitter/shimmer polish would stain my nails. I think my nails don't really like blue nail polish!

As soon as I saw the stains on my fingers I quickly grabbed some whitening toothpaste and gave my fingers a little scrub. This time I remembered to grab the camera to snap a few photos. Do ignore the overly dried out cuticles in the photos.

Blue and yellow nails. Urgh. So sad to see them. And I think my nails are a little on the long side so I may file them down a little.

Here they are post scrubbing. I think my toothpaste did the trick! There is still some yellow stains there but I guess it would still be there. Too many days of blues and greens have definitely left their mark on my nails.

My thumb on the other hand did not fare so well. There is still staining on it. :|

There you go, my stain removal trick. So far it has worked well for me, removing most of my stains each time. Do you use this method of stain removal? Or do you have some other method that works well for you?