Tuesday, 23 April 2013

My BeautyFoot Experience - Foot Diary

*Products were purchased by me. I am not in anyway related to the company or  products mentioned in this post*

For the past few months I have seen products like this all over the internet. It promises a pain free way to make the soles of your feet baby smooth. I was really intrigued by this but never went ahead and purchased this product on my own. When I got it in my CosmoBox a few months ago I was excited and a little scared to try it out.

This is the only photo in this post because I did not want to scare you with icky, peeling feet.

It was really easy to use the BeaytyFoot foot therapy system. All you had to do was wear the little booties filled with what seems to be fruit enzymes and wait an hour. I did this in the middle of the night (not smart) and was so tired by the time I took it off my feet! A quick rinse and I was good to go. On the first night itself I noticed that my skin has become somewhat plastic-y. The skin on my soles seemed more tough and really weird to the touch.

Day 2 - Nothing really happened on day 2. Maybe just the further hardening of my soles. I wore heels on this day and - NO PAIN! I mean no usual pain that I feel from wearing heels. You know what I mean right?

Day 3 - My skin looked like it started to peel a little. I was really fascinated by this and since I have fidgety hands I could not resist and started to pull back anything that stuck out. It did not hurt! YAY!

Day 4 - My soles were starting to peel quite bad. They would come out in pieces about an inch wide and probably 3 inches long. Not in a huge patch like on the box but then again I was peeling at them from before.  One weird thing I noticed - the skin around any existing calluses takes a lot more work to come off.

Day 5-7 - OMG! My foot looks like it is going through a bad bad time. It is peeling all over, from the soles to my toes and to the top of my feet! And it was really itchy too. Like a wound healing :S Time to slap on foot creams. Lots and lots of foot cream!

Day 10 - My skin now is baby smooth with just a bit of skin peeling at the sides of my feet. YAY!


My overall view on this product?
It's quite a cool little thing which definitely works, it works better if you don't pick at it. LOL. Your feet will come out baby smooth and looking great! No need to go for callus removal at nail salons no more.

I would recommend this to anyone looking to get baby smooth feet painlessly. But remember to slap on moisturizer on your feet to avoid feeling itchy all over. It may get really gross while your feet is changing it's skin but trust me, the final outcome is pretty awesome!