Thursday, 25 April 2013

March Cosmobox

*Products were purchased by me. I am not in anyway related to the company or  products mentioned in this post*

I only remembered that I have not posted anything on my March Cosmobox when my April Cosmobox came in the mail! The horror! I shall do a quick quick post on this.

Last months box was quite good really. when it came in it was quite heavy and I did hear some glass clanking. I was really scared that something was broken. When I opened it I was soooo happy that nothing was broken and that the box was really full too!

To be honest, I have not found the time to use these products. Life has been hectic. So, instead of my usual posts, I am just going to post the information of the items in this post.

Watson | Natural Mask (1 sheet/RM5.90)
Watsons' Natural Mask is specially formulated with nature's potent flowers, plant and fruit extract to soothe and beautifully moisture your face.

I got 3 of them - a brightening facial mask with Camomile extracts, a moisturizing mask with Aloe extracts and another moisturizing mask this time with Cucumber extracts!

I know that these are things you just slap on your face and let it be for 15minutes but somehow I never do it. I wonder why. The number of masks in my drawer is growing so fast I could use one a week for the next 3 months or so.

Melissachens High Performing Skincare | Luminous Moisture Replenishing Toner(150ml/RM198)
Intensely skin hydrating toner that maximizes moisture absorption and retention. Enhances skin DNA lifespan, cellular integrity & strengthened skin barrier protection with Raspberry stem cells, potent swiss botanical extracts & active ingredients.

Melissachens.. Hmmm.. Melissa Chen right? LOL I did not realize anything was amis until I typed out the brand name. It seems like it is an Asian brand formulated and made in Switzeland. That's all I know so far. Google did not help too much here.

SP Hair | SP Shine Define Mask (200ml/RM100)
SP Shine Define line with Shine Tri-Complex provides intense shine whilst smoothing the hair for flawless light reflection. The Shine Define Mask is an intensive treatment for ultimate light reflection which promotes noticeable shine and smoothen the hair for flawless light reflections.

SP products have been good to me so far so I actually have high hopes for this hair mask!

The Nail Shop | High Quality Stainless Steel Light Weight Tweezers (1 pair/RM9.90)

I have used this tweezers before. I think I bought my old one in Japan because I forgot to pack one for the trip. As far as I can remember, this little Japanese Doll tweezers works great! Even better than some branded ones even!

ALQVIMIA | Body Sculptor Oil (RM98/150ml)
Reshapes the figure rapidly. Shapes your Waistline into an "S-Shape". Trim the tummy and reduce hip size. Leg slimming and arm toning.

ALQVIMIA | Shape Reducer Body Oil (RM290/150ml)
Slim Rapidly. Eliminates water retention. Prevent the accumulation of excess fats. Reduces body size, resulting in an attractive body contour.

ALQVIMIA | Anti-Cellulite Body Oil (RM290/150ml)
Targets access localized adipose (fat) tissues. Reduces the appearance of "orange peel" skin. Increase skin's purifying function. Dissolves lipids.

ALQVIMIA | Body Oil for Firm and Healthy Skin (RM290/150ml)
Strengthens skin tissues. Softens the skin, making it velvety smooth. Highly recommended to use on inner thigh, inner arms, forearms, tummy and neck.

I wonder how you pronounce ALQVIMIA. LOL

The products sounds awesome. I need to, er, finish what I have and start on these soon. I need to get rid of my 'orange peel' thighs!


This box is great overall. SP and The Nail Shop aside, all the other brands are new to this beauty box company. I think that the April box is my last box. Will I renew my subscription?

I am honestly not sure yet. LOL. I will keep you updated though :)