Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Blue Nails for Autism Awareness featuring Water Works by LynB Designs

*Products were purchased by me. I am not in anyway related to the company or  products mentioned in this post*

April 2nd is world Autism day. To support this cause I have decided to paint my nails blue and my choice of polish is one of my new favorites!

LynB Designs Water Works is a gorgeous polish! At first I did not think that I would like it but after wearing it for a day I fell in love with it!


Waterworks is from Jenna's Top Hats and Scottie Dogs collection based on the Monopoly game. It has a great sheer shimmery blue base loaded with all sorts of blue and green glitters. I was thinking for the longest time if I should use a base but decided against it because I couldn't find a blue close enough to the base color of Waterworks. I do not regret this decision at all!

Waterworks had a great formula and covered nicely in 2 thin-ish coats with a wee bit of touching up because I wasn't patient enough to wait between layers. Glitter coverage was great too! It all came out with no fishing required :)