Monday, 4 March 2013

Sorry I've been quiet the past few days. I was taking a few days rest becaus emy body wasn't in it's best condition.

I went for a traditional Chinese massage recently and while she was giving me a back rub, my masseuse told me that my back was very 'heaty' and suggested that I do a Gua Sha (scraping) and Ba Guan (cupping) session on my back. Since it was free of charge I took up the offer and she went on with her work.

This was my first time going for Ba Guan and it hurt. Bad! I always thought it would be just a slight pinch but never thought it would have my skin on my back so tensed for the duration the cups were on my back. And she was dragging the cups around too! Gahh!!

Anyways, all pain aside, my back turned a dark shade of purple after the Ba Guan session. And as we know, skin = purple = bruise. I was in pain for a whole week! Even stretching my back was a problem. I slept face down for 3 days to avoid sleeping on my bruises.

It is day 8 now and I am much better! I will be back to posting regularly in the next few days! Oh, I included a photo of my bruised shoulder I took last night after the jump. Only click through if you aren't squirmish.

To see more icky photos head on to my blog post on the whole experience HERE.