Monday, 28 January 2013

Peeling Nails

My nails are in horrible conditions! For the past few days I have been busy cleaning and arranging stuff in my room as it is long overdue. I did not wear any nail polish while doing this because I really do not like it when it chips. Instead I wore only a coat of base coat. Or so I thought!

This is what they looked like this morning.

First up is my left hand. It looks kinda OK with just a small peel on my middle finger. This was the hand with base coat.

And meet my poor right hand! I did not realise but I did not use base coat on this hand! I use NailTek III base which dries to a matte and if you don't look closely, it looks exactly like my natural nail.

The peeling is horrible across all fingers! Just look at my poor index and middle fingers! Usually if I have done a lot of cleaning around the house, at most only one thin layer peels off. But this time the top most 2 layers of my fingernails peeled off leaving only a thin layer.

I tried to salvage my nails and buffed them down and for a few minutes they were looking good. Until I wanted to paint my nails that is! 

Gahhh! All my effort down the drain. Boohoo. I am going to cut them down again and paint them ASAP!

Be right back!