Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Just Keep Swimming~

I have another beauty from my wins back in December last  year! I know I am taking forever but bear with me and enjoy this beauty.

I have Just Keep Swimming by Darling Diva Polish today. I must say - I looooooove Finding Nemo, especially Dory (who is the character who said this phrase!).

Just Keep Swimming has a blue tinted base and is packed with all kinds of blue hued glitter! There is large bright blue hex glitters, large black hex glitters, medium navy hex glitters, holographic squares, small white bars and tiny neon yellow square glitters! Just like Dory the fish in the cartoon!

Finding a base color for this polish wasn't easy. I definitely wanted to use blue as the base but I did not know which blue to use! After looking at my blues for 30 minutes (no kidding!) I finally settled on China Glaze Flying High from the Up and Away Collection.

I think my base color went well with Just Keep Swimming. It complements and does not hide the glitters in Just Keep Swimming.

I definitely would use this polish again! Maybe with a different base color. What do you girls think about using white? or maybe light blue?