Monday, 7 January 2013

Glitzology - Crown Royale

After the funky polish combo incident I decided to just go with one polish. This time I went with Crown Royal by Glitzology.

Crown Royal is a glitterbomb consisting of purple hex and shreds as well as many different kinds of gold and gold holo glitter. There was also a good dash of gold shimmer in the base.

This polish is definitely one hard polish to photograph! It took me many times but each and everytime I took a photo it looked very different from the others.

I couldn't even take a good photo with the sun up high in the sky!

My best shots of this polish - indoors under fluorescent lights!

Judging from the blue glow in the above photo, I think the TV was on while I took this photo!

As much as I love this polish, it is no longer in my hands because it has found a better home at my friends place. She saw it and loved and and I thought it would be a cool Christmas present :)

A few 'bokeh' shots before you leave!

Holo goodness!