Friday, 14 December 2012

I'm Not Lion

I finally caved in and bought my only polish from the China Glaze Fall 2012 On Safari Collection. I loved the cremes there but settled for I'm Not Lion. That was before I saw the newest holiday collection! Oh wells, what's done is done right?

I'm Not Lion has gold, silver and a dash of holographic glitter in it! Sometimes it even glows slightly green. Or maybe it's just my funky eyes.  

LOL. This polish has great coverage by the way. In the photos, I used one generous coat over e.l.f. Desert Haze. But looking at the photos now I feel that Desert Haze makes the polish a wee bit more grey than most swatches of I'm Not Lion online.

Did I mention that the holographic glitters in this polish is amazing?? I usually have lots of problems photographing holo polishes, but not this polish!

I have to leave you with this photo I posted on instagram. Holo-goodness!