Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Cult Nails Tulum Stamped!

I did this mani in 2 parts. I painted the base color, Cult Nails Tulum, first and waited almost 2 hours for it to dry before stamping on it. I used a gold stamping polish I bought quite some time ago and topped it off with Essence Quick Dry Top Coat, waited a good 30 minutes and went to bed.

To my horror I woke up to this:

I am sure that Tulum was dry before I stamped on it. I suspect that it is the top coat I used! I never do learn my lesson do I! LOL!

This manicure actually is quite pretty before it was covered in sheet marks. The gold stamping matched the gold shimmer in Tulum.

I added another coat of top coat trying to salvage this mani but unfortunately the dents were too deep.

I really should chuck the essence top coat in the bin but I feel it isn't really necessary. It did work once or twice before.