Friday, 9 November 2012


I'm sorry for the lack of posts these few days!! I got really sick the night of my birthday and I did not have the energy to blog. In fact I have not had much energy for anything! :(

Anyways, I'm gonna do a quick little post of my latest pedi for this post. As usual the photo would be after the jump :)

I started it off with 2 coats of Sun Kissed by Sally Hansen and topped it with one coat of Rainbow Honey's Hoofed Wrassle. I love Hoof Wrassle! It is a nice burnt orange polish filled with gold, copper and even orange glitter! I think there's a hint of holographic glitter in there too!!

It's really quite fall appropriate if you ask me!

Rainbow Honey Nail polishes are Big 3 free and can be purchased from their online shop HERE!