Thursday, 1 November 2012

Golden Gradients

So, my nails are back to nubbins again. Just in time for new month too! I had a few bad peels on my nails and decided that I should cut them all off and start again. From experience, leaving the peels on would only make things much worse than it really is.

I decided that I should go light on the colors for a bit to try and outgrow the stains on my tips. My polish of choice to kick off this is As Gold As It Gets from the Essie Luxeffetcs collection. 

As you can see from the photos, my nails are stained bad!! I actually told people that this was an intentional gradient! Haha!

After a day of just the gold from As Good As It Gets I decided to make the gradient more believable by topping it off with more glitter from e.l.f. This is one layer of Golden Goddess.

I think it turned out pretty good considering whats underneath it all!

Do you like my 'gradient' too? :P