Monday, 12 November 2012

Aqmore Aegen Blue

Ahh!! I am so late on doing this post!! I did my these before I chopped my nails off but forgot to post them because I forgot to move these photos into my laptop!!

Anyways, as I have mentioned in this post, Aqmore is a water base nail polish. Since I was my usual self, I did not read up on this product enough and only purchased a color polish without the special top coat or the cuticle oils and stuff from this company. After I found out that they do offer those items, I did want to go back and grab some but the price prevented me to do so. RM29.00 (~USD10) is not worth it for only 10ml of polish.

Upon application, I noticed that Aegen Blue was not a blue with shimmer. It was instead a pearl-y light blue. Not my favorite kind of finish. The photos are 3 coats of the polish. I saw somewhere on the internet that only ONE coat was required but it just did not cut it for me. At one coat, the polish was streaky and had a whole lot of bald spots. The second coat made it better but I prefer it most with 3 coats on.

You can still see the little streaks on the nails here. But it was bearable.

As promised, the polish did not have a strong chemical smell at all. the brush, though causes streakiness, was a breeze to use. I did not have to do any cleanup in these photos.

I did not keep this manicure on for long. I only gave all but one finger about a days wear. I was  just reaaaaaaaally eager to peel it off! Haha!

The removing was really fun! All I used was an orange stick and warm water. Once you pop a small side off you could just easily peel it off in one piece.

Remember I said I only removed all but one finger? Well, I wanted to see how well it lasted. It didn't fare too well on me. It peeled back a little from the tips. It was definitely due to all the cleaning and scrubbing I did the 2 days I had it on. And the lack of top coat! I didn't mind really because I was itching  for a new mani.

What do you think if water based polishes? Are you interested to grab a few to try on or are you happy using PVA under regular polishes?