Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Element Of Magic

The Purple Ribbon is worn in the month of October to raise awareness towards Domestic Violence.  Here I present to you two pretty purple polishes from two great ladies that I love. Domestic violence is definitely not a small matter. If you are in an abusive relationship or knows someone who is in an abusive relationship, do reach out to them and help them through it.


The Element of Magic is paced with tons of purple and pink glitters and has a dash of holographic and irridescent glitters. I usually do not like purples as I feel that they are a tad too mature for me but I think Dee has done a great job here!

I layered TEoM over 2 coats of Cult Nails Charming and they sure make a pretty pair! 
I believe this was taken in the morning sun.
Taken in the evening sun

If you look at the last photo carefully you can see that the combination of both the polishes actually gives you a slight duochrome effect! How cool is that!

Rainbow Honey products are hand-crafted, hand-packaged and "Big-3" free! You can purchase Dee's products from her shop HERE. Do keep yourselves up to date with Rainbow Honey products and promotions by following her blog and Facebook page!

As for Cult Nails Nail polishes, they are "Big-4" free and cruelty free! You can get them from the Cult Nails website HERE. And as always with indie polishes, follow Maria on her blog or the Cult Nails Facebook page for more updates and flash sales!