Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween Mani - Take Two!

I felt bad for only having one Halloween-esque mani so I decided to attempt another.

Tadaa!! BOO!!

My first ever attempt on water marbling!! Is is not perfect but I am sooo happy with it! Owh, did you know I actually did this over my last mani. Hehe. Recycling is good for me.

You know how they tell you *ahem*

You can choose to use tape to tape off your cuticles or if you want to, just apply vaseline on your cuticles to avoid the polish from sticking to your nails.
Well, I did it both ways and my final verdict is - go with the tape!

If you look closely at the cuticles in the photo above, you can see very clearly that my cuticle area is dryer and the lines at the cuticles are messier for the pointer and middle finger. And for the ring finger, The side of the nails look good but the near the nail bed - not so good. And finally the pinky - good clean lines all over, not too much drying out of the cuticles. Can you guess which is which??

Well the list is as below:

Vaseline Method : pointer and middle fingers
Tape on the sides and vaseline on the cuticle : Ring finger
Tape all over!! : pinky

Maybe it's just me but from now on, if I ever do another water marble I would definitively grab tape to protect my cuticles!

Below are a few single finger shots of my middle, ring and little fingers.


And of course one of the seldom shown thumb!

* So happy!! *

Anyone else have any good tips and tricks to share for my next attempt?

Giveaway Alert!

There is a giveaway going on at Holly and Polish right now! One lucky girl will be the winner of a whole set of OPI Skyfall polishes!!

This time I made sure I saw the words 'open internationally' before I took part in it! LOL

Hurricane Sandy

I've just read today's newspaper and on the front page was a photo of NYC all dark. In addition to that there were also random photos of the destruction caused by the passing winds and rain.

To those readers in the East Coast of the USA stay in and stay safe!

My prayers and well wishes are with you all.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Candy Corn

It's almost Halloween and I realised I haven't posted a single Halloween related mani. So fail.

Let me redeem myself with a Candy Corn mani. Here she is - my one and only Halloween mani this year!

I started off with Cult Nails Feel Me Up with OPI Alpine Snow as an accent nail. 

I them taped off the top and bottom of the nail and painted the centre orange (Sally Hansen Sun Kissed) and then after finished up the tip with more yellow.

There is a reason why there is only one candy corn on my finger. I actually intended to do 4 candy corns and a 'boo' on my ring finger. But when I googled for candy corn, the centre color was orange. Not yellow. So. Yea. Only one candy corn this year.


Hmmm... I wonder how they taste like?

Monday, 29 October 2012

Giveaway at Rainbow Honey

Hey girls, just a heads up to those who is lemming after the Yokai Collection from Rainbow Honey, they are having a giveaway on their blog right now!

There will be not one but 3 SETS of these polishes up for grabs! Which means, 3 lucky girls will get a chance to own this limited edition polishes!

This giveaway has about two and a half more days to go! Don't miss it! :)

Go PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness!

Just a quick post on the pink mani I did recently. By now I guess most of you out there know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month among others. To show my support I have been wearing more pink manicure, something I am not overly fond off.

Anyways, here's my pink mani. The polishes used here are OPI Second Honeymoon and The Hungry Asian's I Hate Pink as an accent nail. I did 3 coats for SH and topped my ring finger with 2 coats of IHP.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Celery Goodness!

I have a polish from Stacy of Paris Sparkle's for today's post. I think I have posted only one other polish from Stacy on my blog even though her polishes were the very first indies I bought eons ago! *shame on me* So, without further ado lets move on to the polish!

Celery Stalker is a soft minty green polish with different multi colored hex glitters - blacks, reds, blues and greens, some hidden silver shimmer and even some holographic glitter in it! I only really noticed the holo glitter when I was walking under the sun one day. It really was unexpected!

Application of this polish was very very much better than Election Day! You did not have to fish for glitter and it covered nicely in 2 coats.

One more photo for the road!

Have a weekend lovelies~

Friday, 26 October 2012

Snowfall : Part Deux

I think I did not mention in my previous post that I applied Snowfall on a totally dried Manipulative. I think I had Manipulative on for maybe a day and a half before I added to it and topped it off with Cult Nails Wicked Fast Top Coat.

Do note that my Wicked Fast is down to it's last 20%, so it is actually a little on the thick side.

Anyways, after two days, I noticed that my manicure is starting to peel! I guess I did a horrible job applying top coat and some of the polish on my nails did not get covered fully.

I resisted the urge to just peel off the polish during lunch! Knowing that this is a glitter polish I did not want to attempt to remove it without the used of the foil method.

The peeling only happened on the outside (right side of my left hand) rather than the inside though. =/

Thursday, 25 October 2012 : Part 2

Remember I was talking about the Free Second Day COD option at Zalora? Well, they did good on this. I received my package the second day before 10am. BEFORE 10AM! I am really really impressed!!

The packaging was super big for just one polish I was good and did not buy more :D but I didn't mind as this was COD. They even included a RM10 cash voucher to be used on a food delivery site.

Here are a few shots of the polish I got! 

(Please do ignore my stained nails!)

I got Aegen Blue which is a pastel blue polish with shimmer in it. I don't know if i should call this a pastel blue shimmer or a frosty blue color :\

I did open this polish just for the fun of it and the usual chemical smell was not there! *win* It did seem a little watery though but we'll see when I do use it.  I will have a swatch of this posted up ASAP!

I lost my prize :(

So, as I posted yesterday, I won a prize that was opened ONLY to continental resident of US.

I just checked my email and the blogger got back to me. Guess what she said - I am disqualified because, even though I have a US address I could send to, I am not a resident of the US.


Owh wells, better luck next time right?

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Whhyyy D:

I just found out I won a giveaway. A giveaway opened only to the US. Boo!

I usually join them randomly and almost never read the T&C until I've at least filled out the 'Do you follow by GFC' and 'Email' questions. I know, if I do not get the prize it is my fault for not reading things through.

Hopefully the lovely lady giving away this prize allows me to ship it to my friend in the US. Then after all I would have to do is to wait till Christmas (literally) to get the pretty polishes!

*fingers crossed* : Part 1

Advertising is annoying but surprisingly VERY effective!

For the past few months the radio has been playing this advertisement for this online shopping hub day in day out, sometimes twice an hour! is the name that eventually got stuck in my head. I obviously got curious and had to hop on by to check out what this Zalora was all about!

Zalora in Malaysia is pretty much like Zappos in the US, a mini version of Zappos. The most attractive part of Zalora's marketing to me is their 30-day return policy and free shipping on ALL orders. To my knowledge, there is no merchant in Malaysia which allows returns. Not even big departmental stores.

Finally I caved and went Zalora for some 'window shopping' last month. Honestly, for such a new company I was impressed at the range they have at Zalora. There are stuff for men, women and kids ranging from clothing to shoes to makeup and NAIL POLISH!!

There was only 3 brands on Zalora - Aqmore, Lioele and Koji Honpo Dolly Wink - all of which I do not know of. Of the three the most interesting brand for me was Aqmore. They claim to be a (purified) water based polish and it peels off!

So off I went and placed my order at 4.25pm. My choice of delivery - COD. Hoho! It seems that if I ordered before 4.30pm my order would be eligible for a 2nd day delivery. I didn't know if I qualified because, well, 4.25pm.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my adventure with Zalora!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


I have not forgotten my polishes that I got from Sonnetarium! Or from Cult Nails for that matter! Today I have a mani that uses polishes from both these brands!

My color choice for the day is: Cult Nails Manipulative and of course Sonnetarium's Snowfall

This is 2 coats Snowfall over 2 coats of ManipulativeI loved the combination of both the polishes! It looks like snow is falling in the clear blue sky! Is that even possible?

By the way, does anyone notice anything about Manipulative?? Does it remind you of a certain famous color??

Well, Manipulative is very similar to China Glaze's For Audrey. It does have the same base color but Manipulative is a tad darker, with a dash of grey you may say!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Rainbow Honey: Kawako, The Yokai Collection

Finally! The last of the Yokai trio from Rainbow Honey - kawako!

kawako, The Mischievous River Child 

kawako literally means river child and is known in Japanese folklore as the spirit of the river. It is usually depicted with reptilian skin which shifts from blue, to yellow and green. They are said to take a himanoid form and usually small sized, maybe about the size of a 6 year old child. They have webbed limbs and smell of fish! kawako are usually seen as little trouble makers or tricksters and their pranks are range from innocent to the malevolent! :O

OK. Enough about the spirit kawako, lets look at the pretty polish we have today! kawako is a mysterious dark blue polish filled with silver glitter and some iridescent blue flakes that flash purple!

I like the look of kawako really. It reminds me of the night sky reflected in water. Th stars are represented by the silver glitter and the occasional star that shines super bright - the hidden flakies!

Application of kawako was easy just like oni. In fact, kawako covers better than the other polishes. If you are careful enough you can easily get away with one coat. I did two coats in these photos just because. It can be a little gritty just like oni. Just a good coat of top coat should solve that!

This is one blurry photo but it does show off all the glitter shimmer in the polish!

This photo below actually shows you the texture of kawako. You can see from the reflection of the light that it is actually quite smooth!
One more for the road!

Love this polish?? Hurry on to Rainbow Honey's website to grab it before they are gone!! They are also having a Breast Cancer Awareness promo going on. Do pop by their Facebook page for more details.

These polishes were provided to me for review. All opinions are my own and in no way influenced by the company.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Rainbow Honey : Oni, The Yokai Collection

I'm gonna show you an awesome polish today. It is from the trio of polishes that Rainbow Honey recently came out with for their Yokai Collection.

oni, the malevolent wild demon

According to wiki, oni is a mountain ogre that is depicted to have red, blue, brown or black skin! I think Dee really depicted this in the polish. Don't believe me? Let me tell you why I think so.Well, oni has a darkened-brown or rather a charcoal base and is packed with gold shimmer, bronze glitter and glass flecks that flash gold, brown and the occasional purple. It is indeed an intense polish.

I don't know if it was intentional, but oni actually shade shifts! At first I thought it to be a dark brown polish. But as I wear it, I've seen it looking more black, olive (!) and even a nice milk chocolate-y brown under yellow lights!

Don't you think this looks olive-y?


And Black!!

oni is a rather posh color. It is dark and mysterious but has really good shimmer throughout!As much as it is a dark polish, the gold shimmer in it makes it a work friendly polish. Especially in the Fall!


Application was the polish is awesome, even better than kitsune in fact! It covered nicely in 2 thin coats and doesn't come off as gritty. I am not wearing any top coat in these photos by the way.

I think I caught a red flash as I was typing this out! And the polish is starting to look more and more like Oreos! or maybe S'mores! *chocolate I love you tons!*

It actually looks really Olive in the photo below!!

Are you wondering why I have not showed you why I think Dee depicted this polish just like the description on an oni in wiki? Go back up again and look closely. You would see that I have a few slanted words. Write them out. What do you see?? :P

A blurry photo to show of the shimmer! :)

Remember these polishes are LIMITED EDITION!! Do hurry on by Rainbow Honey's website to grab them before they are gone!

These polishes were provided to me for review by the company. All opinions are my own and in no way influenced  by the company.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Rainbow Honey : The Yokai Collection

Dee has outdone herself again! Have you seen her newest collection? Unlike her other collections, The Yokai Collection are not just glitter toppers this time - they are stand alone colors. Really pretty stand-alone colors. Dee contacted me a while back to ask if I would like to review her new collection. Of course I said yes! I love her creations! But instead of getting the polishes long before the launch date (October 13th) I only received my package on the 17th. Which is really quite typical of international shipping.

At first I was thinking, maybe Dee might not send me a package because I am so far away! But when it did show up, I was happy beyond belief! I was grinning - like this :D - the whole time from my post box to my office.

Enough chit chat from me! Let me show you the pretty polishes~

Of course I have to show you Rainbow Honey's famous box packaging! There's an ingredient list, big 3 free disclaimer and of course the little window for you to peek at the polish inside!

The Yokai (妖怪) literally means monster. In the Japanese culture, it stands for the supernatural monsters form Japanese folklore. Dee, picked 3 of these yokais - kitsune, oni and kawako.




Since I got these babies late, I will be featuring them one at a time to give them all the attention they deserve!

First up is kitsune, the magical fox - the nine-tailed fox from Japanese folkore that is! kitsune is a lovely polish. It is a nude-peach polish packed will a whole lot of glitter. There is a good amount of gold glitter and glass flecks, hex glitters of red, green and brown and I think I spied a few holo glitters in there too!!

kitsune, like the magical nine-tailed fox, is a shapeshifter. It looks more on the yellow side on me as compared to the polish in the bottle and on other bloggers. I rather like this quality actually, always something new :)

Application of kitsune was lovely. Even though it is packed with glitter, it applied easily and evenly. All I needed was 2 coats to achieve the opacity in these photos. I did not use any top coat in these photos. You can see that it did dry a little gritty but nothing a thick coat of top coat can't solve!

Oh yes, did I mention these polishes are LIMITED EDITION! That is the reason why I was soooo happy that I got them! Do hurry on to Rainbow Honey's SHOP to grab them before they sell out! Of course, remember to follow them on Facebook as well as their blog for more updates!

These polishes were provided to me for review. All opinions are my own and in no way influenced by the company.

Honestly though, I was beating myself over how I wouldn't stand a chance to get these polishes because of my No-Buy. If I wasn't on a No-Buy I would definitely bought all the polishes in a heart beat!